PCSO has VHF radios to lend out, while pursuit of 800 Mhz radios continues

    Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman spoke to the Polk County Commissioners Board this week about transferring unused VHF radios to other public safety agencies in need.    

    "We have these radios that were purchased back in the early 2000s that would otherwise sit on a shelf," said Erdman. "We think they could be borrowed to public safety responders in the area who might be transitioning to a new system. East Grand Forks Police Chief Mike Hedlund mentioned how he would like to temporarily borrow them until they can purchase their own."    

    District 4 Commissioner Warren Affeldt said, "I certainly don't have a problem. If they can use them, let them."

800 Mhz radios   

    While Crookston is still transitioning, Sheriff Erdman mentioned how she heard about a discounted possibility.     

    "I heard of some refurbished 800 radios for a good price from Craigslist," said Erdman. "Another city bought some and have had good luck with them."    

    She went on to say, "If that's not the route we want to take, a Motorola rep will be back here to try and find some better prices too. The discount wouldn't be as cheap as Craigslist, but the radios would be new."    

    As a group, the Crookston Fire Department is still looking for new radios.    

    District 1 Commissioner Craig Buness asked, "Is there money out there for them?"   

    "There are possible grants from Enbridge, around $1,500 a year," replied Erdman. "If we haven't found an opportunity yet this year, maybe we can find something in late 2014 or early 2015."