May 6 is World Asthma Education Day

    RiverView Respiratory Therapy is ramping up its Asthma Education Program in advance of World Asthma Education Day May 6. Hugo’s Marketplace is helping fund the program through sales of a coupon book to be sold in the RiverView Cafeteria during lunch Friday, March 28 and in the Crookston Hugo’s store Saturday, March 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.   

    Each coupon book can be purchased for $10, with $9 from each book going to the Asthma Education Program.    

    For anyone purchasing the coupon book, it more than pays for itself with at least $40 of coupons printed in the book.

RiverView’s Asthma Education Program   

    Four years ago RiverView Respiratory Therapy Coordinator Mary Ann Boushee became a Board Certified Asthma Educator and began offering outpatient education to RiverView patients.    

    She continues that education today, and continues to expand the program by following the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines.   

    Recently Boushee shared information on the program at staff meetings, medical provider meetings, and provider luncheons at the clinics and hospital.  A team also put together asthma education backpacks that include tools patients need to monitor their disease and deliver their medications, along with some fun activities for kids.     

    “We are seeing more and more asthmatics these days and feel that given the education and tools to manage their condition  we will see fewer emergency room visits and Acute Care admissions,’’ Boushee stated. “We would like to see all asthmatic patients with an Asthma Action Plan in place to have better control of their asthma.  We believe education of the patient and their families can help to attain this goal.’’

1 in 12 Americans has asthma symptoms   

    Asthma is now one of the most common chronic diseases in the U.S., with asthma symptoms experienced by 1 in 12 Americans each year.    

    Asthma is associated with missed school days, missed work days, disrupted sleep, and symptoms that interfere with physical activity. It can also be fatal.    

    As one of Minnesota’s Care Measures, statistics are gathered from Minnesota clinics on the care of the asthmatic patient. Those statistics show:   

    • 1 in 9 Minnesota adults report having asthma at some time in their lives; 8.4 percent currently have asthma
    • 1 in 15 Minnesota children currently have asthma
    • Asthma cost $208.6 million in hospitalizations, emergency department visits, office visits and medication, and $155 million in indirect costs of lost school and work days in Minnesota in 2003    

    Boushee said the money raised from the Hugo’s coupon books will go for the purchase of an iPad and other educational materials to train patients on asthma prevention and management.   

    For more information, contact Boushee at 281-9225.