Similar issue was addressed at East Robert/Washington Ave. intersection several years ago

    When it comes to traffic safety, intersections that aren't of the 90-degree variety are becoming less and less popular because of the sight-line challenges they pose for motorists.   

    The most recent example of an intersection in Crookston that wasn't 90 degrees being converted into one that is 90 degrees can be found at East Robert Street and Washington Avenue.   

    Now, this summer, it appears that the intersection of Marin Avenue – also known as Polk County Highway 233 – and Old Highway 75 on Crookston's south end will also be modified so that it's at 90 degrees.   

    Polk County Highway Engineer Rich Sanders briefed the Crookston City Council Monday evening, at a Ways & Means Committee meeting, about the project. As part of the project, the frontage road extending to Marin Ave. in front of Crookston Welding would be closed off, and an access to the frontage road at Crookston Welding will be installed, Sanders said.   

     The original plan was to simply overlay #233 from Marin Ave. to the north gate of American Crystal Sugar, he said, because the concrete is getting broken up pretty bad. But safety concerned about the "skewed" geometrics at the intersection have come up on conversation in recent years, Sanders said, so this might be the best opportunity to address them in the form of a modified intersection.   

    The project is in the city's right-of-way, so Sanders asked the committee for approval Monday. The committed unanimously approved the project.   

    There's a glitch, though, and it's in the form of one of Otter Tail Power's main power poles, which Sanders said sits right in the middle of the curve being envisioned near the intersection. If relocating the pole proves to be not terribly costly, Sanders said the overlay project will proceed and be completed this summer, including the redesigned intersection.   

    "This will make the traffic there flow a little easier, and safer," he said.