They even made a bobblehead out of the guy for crying out loud!

The recent news of Bill Tyrrell being let go by the University of Minnesota Crookston has sparked the community, and I haven't heard anyone say the school made the right decision.

Former Crookston residents have contacted me and asked, "What's going on out at UMC? How could they do that to Billy?"

Tyrrell has been Mr. UMC. He has worked for the school for more than 25 years, starting an endowment fund for student-athletes and promoting the school in countless other ways.

They even made a bobblehead out of the guy for crying out loud!

The support for Tyrrell has been overwhelming.

Since the Times posted the link to the story on its Facebook page Monday it has not received one like and over 1,200 people have seen the post.

The post has 12 comments, all in support of Tyrrell, and those comments have garnered a combined 57 likes.

Many of the comments include statements like, “we will not be donating to UMC any more” and others have expressed their frustration with the decision.

One misconception people make is that the Athletic Department let Tyrrell go. That couldn't be further from the truth. It was the UMC Development Office that made the decision to non-renew Tyrrell's contract.

Ask Tyrrell and he would tell you nothing but good things about the Athletic Department and the people in it because that's the way he is, loyal.

You have to be loyal to work at the same place for that long. I'm sure Tyrrell could have moved on long ago but he has stayed at UMC.

The decision by UMC to let Tyrrell go is more than puzzling. The man has done more for the school than most.

Tyrrell was the link between the community and UMC. Many people in the community don't know many people out at UMC. But, if they go to a sporting event or other UMC event it was a good bet you'd run into Tyrrell there.

Unfortunately, not anymore.