Ordinance targets adults who provide alcohol to youth

    Polk County Public Health and Polk County Wellness Coalition with support from the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services-Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) is working to implement a Sticker Shock Campaign in Crookston.     

    Project Sticker Shock, a youth-led initiative, reinforces public awareness about the City of Crookston’s Social Host Ordinance and the minimum drinking age law by placing stickers on multi-packs of beer, wine coolers and other alcohol products.    

    Local youth on Friday will travel to various off-sales in Crookston to spread the word, and leave Project Sticker Shock stickers.   

    The Polk County Wellness Coalition recognizes local retailers for their willingness to manage the sale of alcohol responsibly.   The coalition wants to showcase these businesses as partners in our effort.    

    The Polk County Wellness Coalition and the participating retail stores are working together to create a safer, healthier community by combating the problem of underage drinking.   Alcohol has been identified as the number one drug of choice among youth, and according to local youth, one of the easiest substances to obtain (2013 Minnesota Student Survey).      

    The Sticker Shock campaign hopes to get adults to think twice before making it any easier for youth to access alcohol.