Each faces multiple burglary, theft and firearm charges

    Three men charged with multiple counts of first degree burglary and felony theft of a firearm appeared in Ninth District Court in Crookston this week. Tomas Flores III, 21, East Grand Forks, was the first to appear and he pleaded not guilty. His bail was set at $75,000 and a jury trial will begin in late April. The other two men charged, Eli Gerald Bogonovich, 39, Grand Forks, and David Seddon, 24, Crookston, appeared later. All three were ordered to have no contact with the victims.    

    According to the complaint, on Feb. 4 at 8 a.m., Crookston Police Department Officer Don Rasicot was dispatched to 1314 Albert Street after a theft was reported. Homeowner Norman Meyer said sometime between 11:30 p.m. the night before and 7 a.m. that morning, someone had entered his garage through an unlocked walk-in door, which is attached to his residence. The intruder went through two of his vehicles, took two black checkbooks from the interior of one vehicle and took a .45 caliber 1911 Colt handgun, a 9 mm Firestar handgun with two clips, and a .223 caliber CZ bolt action rifle from the rear seat of the same vehicle. Rasicot observed two distinct footprints in the snow outside, said the complaint. Meyer confirmed they were not his nor his wife's. Rasicot attempted to dust for fingerprints on the garage door handle, vehicle handles and other common areas on the vehicle but was unable to lift a usable print.    

    The next day, on Feb. 5 at 4:26 a.m., CPD Officer Justin Roue was dispatched to 129 Mill Street on a report of a masked intruder inside the residence. While the officer was on route, the suspect fled through the garage. According to the complaint, Roue talked to homeowner Shirley Iverson, who said she had been sleeping in her bed with her dog when her dog jumped out of bed and began barking. She got up, put on her robe and noticed that the laundry room was open. Iverson then saw a masked intruder hiding behind her washer and dryer. She screamed and called police. After the officer arrived, Iverson noticed her purse was missing and the garage door keypad was opened like someone knew the code. Iverson told the officer that her nephew, David Seddon, knew the garage door code after helping her with an errand a couple months ago, said the complaint. When CPD Detective Aaron Pry arrived at the victim's residence, he and Roue noticed shoe prints on the hardwood floor that were consistent with recent burglaries and thefts in the area. Outside the home, they noticed the same prints and fresh tire tracks with red fluid leak spots. Iverson had mentioned to officers that Seddon drove a red Geo Tracker that had leaking issues.    

    According to the complaint, also on Feb. 5, at 6:43 a.m., Officer Roue was dispatched to 222 East 7th Street on the report of a masked intruder dressed in black with a possible gun. Roue, Detective Pry, and officers Lee Tate and David Grabowski responded, parked a block west and approached the residence on foot. Tate noticed a male dressed in black with a face mask on walking south on Elm Street. Roue and Grabowski stopped him and placed Eli Bogonovich under arrest. Roue patted him down and felt a magazine of a handgun. The 9 mm Firestar gun, which was confirmed as belonging to Norman Meyer, was loaded, cocked and in his waistband, the complaint states. Roue searched Bogonovich further and found one of Shirley Iverson's store credit cards, a couple rings, a Crown Royal bag with change, and lottery tickets. While transporting Bogonovich to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center, Officer Roue heard a clank in the backseat. Upon arrival, Roue observed a blue marijuana pipe and a loose glove on the seat. During a search at the NWRCC, they found a woman's wallet with credit cards, identification and other documents belonging to Sharon Peltier, said the complaint.    

    Back at East 7th Street, Officers Tate, Pry and Grabowski spoke with homeowner Debra Regan. According to the complaint, she said she believed her purse and cell phone were stolen and that her land line telephone may have been tampered with because it wasn't working. Officers later found her billfold laying by a walk-in garage door.    

    Officers Tate, Pry and Grabowski next went to the Seddon residence at 336 North Central Avenue. They knocked, but got no answer. Grabowski, while walking around to the side of the house, noticed a male attempting to crawl out of the top level window to the south. He yelled and asked the person to get back into the house. Officers then heard movements and saw shadows through the windows. Seddon's girlfriend, Fawn Amble, lived with him and, being on probation, was subject to random searches. Tri-County Community Corrections Agent Tami Lieberg allowed the CPD to enter the home and they were able to get in from a sliding door, said the complaint. Officer Tate heard voices from a locked bedroom door and told whomever was in there to come out or the officers would enter. David Seddon and Fawn Amble came out of the bedroom. They also located three other people in the home including Tomas Flores III.    

    After a home search, they found contraband in a dryer in the basement, pipes and prescription pill bottles. According to the complaint, Detective Pry went to talk to Flores and found that his shoes matched footprints at 1314 Albert Street, 129 Mill Street and 222 East 7th Street. Flores denied going anywhere the previous night.     

    Officers then talked to Seddon, who admitted to dropping Bogonovich and Flores off at his aunt Shirley Iverson's house and giving them the code to the garage door. With Seddon's consent, officers searched his home, garage, and vehicle. According to the complaint, they found a .223 caliber rifle belonging to Norman Meyer, Debra Regan's cell phone, Shirley Iverson's credit cards and gift cards, gloves and the .45 pistol belonging to Meyer and drug paraphernalia.    

    Later in a taped statement with Detective Pry, Flores admitted to breaking into cars with Bogonovich and Seddon and admitted to the Mill Street and Albert Street burglaries. Seddon said the three men had recently met through friends and had burglarized vehicles on North Central Avenue, Summit Avenue, Alexander Street and the Evergreen Estates subdivision, said the complaint. Bogonovich, the eldest of the three, has a long list of previous offenses from 1994 to the present including drug paraphernalia, criminal mischief, delivery of cocaine, assault, drug possession, DUI and more.