Cheers to Water Department crews for rising to the occasion when called upon and Jeers to over-sharing information via social media Water Department crews for rising to the occasion when called upon   

    Water. It’s pretty important stuff. Without it, there would be no life whatsoever, you know.   

    So we need water. Whether it’s 30 below zero outside or a sweltering 95 degrees, we count on water every single day of our lives.   

    And when we don’t have it...ouch. When we don’t have access to it, it impacts our lives a great deal, and we want access restored to our precious water as soon as possible, and maybe even sooner.   

    Which brings us to the water main break on South Front Street earlier this week, on a snowy, windy and cold Tuesday evening. It knocked out water service to lots of homes in that area, and when City of Crookston Water Department personnel arrived, it was clear they were dealing with a significant break.   

    When a Times photographer popped by with a camera, progress on fixing the break was pretty much at a standstill. Heavy equipment was “gumming up” and the big drill used to bust through the street and get down to the leak wasn’t performing up to par, either. “It’s going to be a long night,” the photographer was told. “Not too much fun.”   

    Sure, the crew was getting paid a decent wage to be there and, yes, it’s their job. But, although they said water service wouldn’t likely be restored until the next afternoon to impacted residents, it was restored early the next morning, and some residents said it was the best water pressure they’ve had in years.   

    So there you go. Well done, guys.

                                                              – Mike Christopherson over-sharing information via social media   

    We all have those "friends" on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media sites we frequent that "over-share.” It seems like every time we log in, they are telling us something personal that most of us don't want to know about.    

    When the "over-sharer" is angry, they vent and call out whoever they're mad at and give the entire reason they're mad.    

    "I am so pissed at my ex for not paying child support this month. He's such a lazy piece of @#!$. I hope he and his new girlfriend drive into the river."    

    Can we say....crazy?! Honestly, we don't want to read that on our lunch break.    

    When the "over-sharer" is sick, they describe each and every detail of their sickness.    

    "I have this awful barking cough and nose so stuffed that I can't even sit comfortably. I went to the doctor and all they said was to take some medication and rest. Why can't they just fix me already?" 

    Is someone looking for some attention and sympathy? I think so. 

    When the "over-sharer" is happy, they are so completely happy that no one else can ever be as happy as they are right now.    

    "Yay for me! I'm going to see Katy Perry! Totally just got my tickets and gonna party like it's going out of style! Now what should I wear? " (This is when they post pictures of new outfits for their "audience" to choose from)    

    Annoying? Uh, yeah.    

    So jeers to all those who share way too much on social media. If you want attention, find an actual friend to discuss these things.

                                                                     – Jess Bengtson