Dahlberg will host ‘meet and greet’ at RJB’s from 8 to 9 a.m.

    U.S. Senate candidate Chris Dahlberg, who was found in a recent statewide poll to be the closest Republican challenger to Sen. Al Franken, is making numerous stops across the state, and on Saturday, Jan. 25 he'll spend an hour in Crookston.  

    From 8 to 9 a.m. Dahlberg will host a "meet and greet" at RBJ's in Crookston. From there, he'll make a similar visit from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Whitey's in East Grand Forks. From 4 to 7 p.m. he'll be in Thief River Falls, conducting a meet and greet followed, from 6 to 7 p.m. by a candidate forum at the Ralph Engelstad Arena Imperial Room.    

    “Minnesotans are tired of feeling detached from their national leaders while seeing more of their hard-earned dollars spent on taxes,” said Duluth resident Dahlberg, who is a commissioner on the St. Louis County board. “We need to get back to having more input from everyday Minnesotans about what’s really important, and that’s what I’m seeking as I visit people all over the state.   

    “Throughout this campaign, you’re going to hear me talking about a return to 'Front Porch Leadership,'” the 52-year-old who retired from the Army Reserve Oct. 1 after 25 years of service. “Since the best government is that closest to the people, the best way to learn what you want is to talk face to face on front porches, or in casual gatherings such as the ones we’re having this coming week.”   

    The fourth-generation Minnesotan said he’s the Republican candidate best equipped to defeat Sen. Franken in November 2014, and Minnesota voters recently agreed.  In a statewide poll conducted Oct. 27-29, North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling reported that the gap between Franken and Dahlberg was only 10 points.  Forty-nine percent said they would vote for Franken in a head-to-head race vs. Dahlberg, who was supported by 39 percent.   

    All other candidates were from 11 to 13 points behind Franken. (To see the entire results of the Minnesota U.S. Senate research, log on to publicpolicypolling.com/main/polls/.)   

    “We’ve all learned in recent years that the old approach used by some Republicans doesn’t work anymore,” added Dahlberg. “It’s no longer effective to resort to flame throwing and bombastic claims, because all that has gotten us is clobbered in the general elections.   

    “We need to appeal to a wider range of voters. Any credible Republican can get support in strong Republican districts, but what good does that do?" Dahlberg continued. "We need a candidate who’s not only a strong fiscal conservative, but one who has also proven an ability to appeal to Democrats and Independents. I’m that candidate.”   

    Dahlberg cited his 2012 re-election in Minnesota’s Democratic stronghold, northeastern Minnesota, when he received 60 percent of the votes and was endorsed by both the Duluth Building & Trades Council and the Teamsters Joint Council 32 DRIVE. He added that he will be seeking the Republican Party endorsement at the May 2014 state convention.   

    Dahlberg said he’s especially troubled by the country’s $17 trillion national debt and government overregulation that are caused by national leaders’ inability to prioritize.   

    “When everything’s a priority, nothing’s a priority,” he said. “Under the current sequestration scheme, Washington politicians place the same emphasis on giving out free cell phones – I believe they’re called Obama Phones – as they give to providing flak jackets to Marines in Afghanistan.   

    “Rather than working to undo the costly mistake of Obamacare, Senator Franken is spending his time wondering if fingerprints on iPhones are dangerous," Dahlberg continued. "It’s that lack of focus that will make it impossible for my nine-year-old daughter and her generation to succeed – unless we make serious changes right now. As Minnesota’s next U.S. Senator, that will be my commitment from day one.”   

    Dahlberg added that the U.S. Senate needs more real-life knowledge of the military that he provides.   

    “My quarter-century of military experience makes me uniquely qualified to address the serious national security issues facing America,” he said. “In these dangerous times, we need a government comprised of serious leaders, diligent in protecting American citizens both at home and abroad.”