Kitchen has to be entirely gutted and rebuilt, however, after Jan. 13 fire

    The Irishman's Shanty is starting clean-up this week with the help of Steamatic and a few employees. They have been closed since Monday, Jan. 13 when a fire broke out in the kitchen after an aerosol can exploded and spread into the vents and attic. Owner Paul Gregg says that he hopes to start the opening process with the bar just in time for St. Patrick's Day.    

    "It is one of the most treasured holidays around here and hopefully we can cater in some food to go along with the drinks," said Gregg.    

    Opening the kitchen will be another story.    

    "We have to completely gut the kitchen. There hasn't been a complete estimate of damages yet, but it is said to be $200,000 or more," Gregg told the Times.    

    As far as the rest of the building goes, they will be throwing anything that has smoke damage like the ceiling tiles, dining room tablecloths, and rugs.    

    "This week will begin the 'keep or throw' part of the clean-up," explained Gregg.  "We have had a few people come out from the Health department, two of the gals being brand new. This was a learning experience for them. There are so many new updates and codes we have to match so it will take a while to get it all figured out."   

    One of the next steps for the kitchen will be to submit the new floor plans.    

    "It will look different in here, that's for sure," said Gregg. "With the new requirements, we will have to expand the kitchen possibly a bit into the off-sale. Everything will be brand new."    

    Gregg mentioned that he couldn't have gotten through this without the support of his family and friends.

    "My good friend and insurance guy, Jimmy Noah, has been great," he said. "He and his brother Tom have really been on top of things and I am grateful to have them."   

    One thing that he did feel sorry about was not having a "home away from home" for his regular customers.    

    "I do want to apologize to our regulars. We sure do miss them and I know our employees miss working too," Gregg said. "We just have to be patient and make the right decisions before re-opening." said Gregg.