Meth, paraphernalia seized in East Loring Street apt. search

    Two Crookston women face multiple charges after officers allegedly found methamphetamine and documents of drug sales and purchases.    

    According to the complaint, on Dec. 17, 2013, Crookston Police Department officer Nathan Nelson applied for and obtained a search warrant for a home on East Loring Street based on information involving drugs. When Nelson knocked on the door, no one answered. Officers were able to enter through the unlocked front door to find a young woman in the living room with six children. According to the complaint, officers first observed the poor living conditions and then requested to speak with Tonya Ruth Gunderson and Lena Lorraine Sawyer. The young woman, who had been staying in the home for six weeks, told officers that the women were upstairs and had been staying in their room over the weekend with "guests." After Polk County Social Services was called to take the children into protective custody, Polk County Sheriff's Office investigator Nathan Rasch entered the upstairs bedroom and found Gunderson and Sawyer. According to the complaint, Gunderson pointed a pair of scissors at Rasch when he told the women to put their hands on their heads. Rasch told her to "drop it or I will shoot you" and Gunderson then dropped the scissors.    

    Rasch then noticed that Sawyer had scabs on her face and decayed teeth, which indicates longtime use of meth. Sawyer told investigators that there were syringes in her purse and methamphetamine at the residence. She said she has stayed at Gunderson's home regularly since last summer.    

    According to the complaint, the officers who searched the home found an Altoids tin container with nine bags of meth, sandwich bags with the corners cut out, small designer bags with white residue in them, a digital weight scale, a toolbox with white residue, syringes, and sheets of paper with names and numbers on them appearing to document drug sales and purchases. They also found 3.5 grams of methamphetamine.    

    Gunderson has previous convictions of drug possession, disorderly conduct and drug sales. Sawyer had recently been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. They will be back in court in February.