RLCC initially wanted to switch to Pennington County

    The Red Lake County Board of Commissioners has voted in a special session to remain with the Tri-County Community Corrections Joint Powers Agreement membership after all.    

    For the last six months, the RLCC has discussed withdrawing from the JPA, in preference of securing jail services through Pennington County. Prior to the withdrawal vote, presentations were made to the RLCC emphasizing the budgetary impact, primarily in the cost of secure juvenile detention and out of home placement costs, as well as the loss of ancillary services provided by Tri-County Community Corrections and non-budgeted jail costs to include medical care and medications.    

    Red Lake County was focused on the jail costs versus contacting with another county anticipating a savings of $100,000 per year. On Dec. 23, the board voted 3 to 1 in favor of withdrawing and submitted their official notice to Tri-County and the Department of Corrections.    

    This past Friday, they voted 4 to 1 to rescind their withdrawal notice and continue with the JPA after they recognized the significant budget impact in juvenile and ancillary services.    

    TCCC executive director Phill Greer said, "It's been a very trying six months and we at TCCC are pleased this issues has been resolved."   

    The budget impact on Polk County would have been minimal had Red Lake County left, Commissioner Warren Strandell said. As part of the JPA, Polk County is responsible for 87 percent of the budget, with Norman County covering 9 percent and Red Lake County being responsible for the remaining 4 percent.