Another year of Fantasy Football brought hope for another chance to try to become the Champion of my league.

    Another year of Fantasy Football brought hope for another chance to try to become the Champion of my league.     

    I started playing Fantasy Football six years ago when I made an ESPN account and joined a couple of random leagues.  I took third in my first year but the year after I was the champion of the league that I joined.     

    After my third year I thought that it would be really fun to get a bunch of guys together to make our own league.  That way it would be more competitive.  We could also trash talk whoever we beat because we would have bragging rights!   

    I started off my first year as a commissioner of a six-team league, including myself.  I ended up winning the championship in the second year.  In my second year in this league one guy wanted out so I had to find a replacement to take his spot.  In that second season I was heading into the playoffs as the number one seed with an 8-4 record.  Brady Heppner also had an 8-4 record, but I had the tiebreaker because I had beaten him earlier in the year.  We ended up meeting each other in the Championship!  I was excited because I wanted to win back-to-back championships!  The championship was a two-week matchup.     

    I started out getting a huge lead on him in the early games but his team came back in the late games and the Monday night game to tie it up going into the second week.  In the second week I jumped out to another early lead due to big games by Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers.  But once again Brady had some big games in the evening and passed me up to beat my by ten points.  I was pretty heart broken..   

    The third year a few more guys wanted in so I opened two more slots for teams and turned it into an eight-team league.  The managers of all the teams in my league were Wyatt Hanson, Cody Weiland, Zack Sanders, Isaac Hoffman, Brady Heppner, Michael Hefta, Dylan Klatt, and myself.     

    Adding those two teams made it quite a bit more difficult because now the teams weren't one hundred percent all-stars.     

    You had to dig a little deeper into some lineups to find solid players to draft to your team.  Each team still has a lot of studs on them, but if a player went down with an injury it was harder to replace him because there wasn't always a stud to back him up.  I started out the year on a nice win, but in the second week I already suffered my first loss to Zack.  I was already worried about my team and what this season was going to have in store.     

    But then my team got hot and went on a ten-win streak to bring me into the playoffs as the number one seed with an 11-1 record.  My first round in the playoffs I had to face Hefta.  In the first week of the match-up I had a huge week and I was beating Hefta by almost 60 points.  I was pretty comfortable with that lead...until Hefta's team got really hot the next week and my team decided not to show up.  Hefta had a late comeback and was down by only 2 points.  But I still had two players in the Monday night game that eventually brought me up to a 30-point victory.     

    I was now heading into the Championship with a 12-1 record on the year.  I was facing the person who caused that single blemish to my record: Zack.  Zack's team, er I mean Peyton Manning, was pretty consistent all year posting a 9-4 record heading into the Championship.     

    I had outscored Zack's team by over 100 points throughout the year combined so I was pretty comfortable and confident about this match-up.  In the first week Zack's players all had really good games and only one player on my team put up good numbers.  At the end of the first week Zack was beating me by 44.  Zack was rubbing it in my face and saying that it was already over, but I still kept hoping because I've seen crazier comebacks before!  But it didn't seem to matter as my team continued to put up below-average numbers and Zack's players stayed consistent as he cruised to a 60-point final victory.     

    I was pretty bummed because my team was super solid all season long but when the playoffs rolled around they seemed to fall off.     

    So I went from having a chance to become a back-to-back league Champion to being a back-to-back runner-up.  Taking second place is not fun, so I'll be looking to bounce back next year and finally regain my reign as Champion.   

    CHS senior Blake Bergeron writes for Toni Grove’s broadcasting/communications course.