Curling continues to grow and improve in Crookston.

Fellow Curlers,

So Far so good. Thanks you to all of you for coming out and curling this season. I think we have had a great start to the year. Just a couple notes I wanted to pass on before we get started this new year.

Dakota Curling Supply will be on site next Wednesday, Jan. 15. He will be bringing shoes, brooms, and other misc. curling supplies if anyone is interested in purchasing. (If you were to make one purchase I would recommend shoes, they make a world of difference in stability on the ice.)We will start to implement this week, the team that wins their match should sweep the sheet that they played on.Please try to wear clean shoes. Remove any rocks and debris from the bottom of your shoes if you are wearing street shoes. It helps with the quality of play and rocks and pebbles are also very damaging to the blades we use to shave the ice.If you don’t have a full team for the week please try and get someone to fill in for the week. We would like as many people to try the sport as possible, it is the only way to grow!