Cheers to Ampride Taxi Service and Jeers to giving up on your resolutions so easily Ampride Taxi Service   

    Have you ever found yourself waking up on a bitterly cold morning to a dead car battery? Some of us have had that pleasure (note the sarcasm). Thank goodness for Ampride's Taxi Service otherwise we'd have to embarrassingly call around to some friends and hope one of them had time to give you a jump. We would probably be late for work and have to feel silly for not starting our car in the last 24 hours. Then again, maybe the problem is those cheap generic batteries. They must only last a couple years.    

    Regardless, we are blessed in this small town with a reliable taxi service. If you're out with friends and can't drive home, they are there. If you are elderly or disabled and need to get to an appointment, they are there. Even if you need to go all the way to Grand Forks to catch a flight, they are there.    

    Thanks Ampride for giving us this awesome service. Without you, it would be a long walk.

                                                                     – Jess Bengtson giving up on your resolutions so easily   

    2013 is so last year. Out with the old and in with the new, right? The ringing in of the new year provides the perfect environment for personal reflection, and will often inspire change. This reborn mindset creates a frenzy, which will lead people to jump into their lazily-defined resolutions that could be costly, both figuratively and literally, to their bodies, to their minds, to their pocketbook.   

    Jeers to those who give up on their resolutions because they are unable or unwilling to do what is necessary to fulfill their desired goals. Everyone has good intentions to keep and fulfill their new year resolutions, but how many of us actually are sticking with it for the entire twelve months that 2014 has to offer? Twelve months, 365 days, 525,600 minutes-- all of these time increments offer just a single minute-- a single second-- to inspire change, to cause someone to want something better for themselves or their community, to cause them to see the bad or the less-than-desirable and change it for the better. If all of these statements are true, then why would anyone want to give up on their new year resolutions? Is it because it's too hard? Too costly? Too ambitious?    

    There's absolutely no reason to give up on your new year resolutions. Persevere, work hard, start small and build up-- but whatever you do, don't give up. Make 2014 the year you stick with your goals, and it could lead to a lifetime of change.

                                         – Torrie Greer, student staff writer