Narcotics activity up in general in east Polk County and right here in Crookston, chief deputy reports

    Chief Polk County Deputy Jim Tadman told the Polk County Commissioners this week that "Meth is out of this world right now."    

    Tadman said the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Department has been especially busy this last month with "seven or eight straight days of narcotics issues with one to two people being arrested each day."     

    Tadman went on to say, "We have been doing different types of searches with a lot being in East Polk County and right in Crookston."   

    "Is it making a comeback?" asked District 4 Commissioner Warren Affeldt, referring to methamphetamine activity.   

    District 5 Commissioner Don Diedrich added, "Are they making it again?"   

    "Most of it is coming into Polk County, but there are some that are making it," Tadman responded. "It is coming in new colors and shapes, too"

Transports and bailiff hours    

    Tadman told the board that prisoner transports have been about average. "We are now trying to set them up so we have deputies doing trainings at the same time we are to be picking up prisoners," he said. "It makes those trips to the Twin Cities less frequent, plus it saves money."   

    After questions about cost of prisoners staying in the Twin Cities longer, Tadman explained, "It would cost the same keeping the prisoners there a few days as if the prisoners were here."    

    Tadman also mentioned that bailiff hours were high in November.    

    "We logged 158 hours for bailiff duties last month split between four people," he said. "That's a lot. We hope we can figure something out."