Polk County Board OKs new social media policy so agency can reach more people

    Polk County Public Health Director Sarah Reese came to the Polk County Commissioners Board this week to request approval of PCPH's new social media policy. This would allow them to post on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.    

    "There are families and communities that get the majority of their information from social media. If we had something to provide those people, they might get what they need," said Reese. "I looked at other sources such as the University of North Dakota, Minnesota Department of Public Health and the University of Minnesota. It's an inexpensive way to reach people. We went over data privacy laws and hope to go forward with this soon."    

    District 1 Commissioner Craig Buness cautioned, "One bad move and everybody pays the price."   

    Reese said a high priority is protecting PCPH. "We want to make sure when we write our policy that we protect ourselves. It won't be willy nilly," she said. "We'll make sure that only certain people are allowed to post and it will be reviewed before it goes out."    

    Management Information Systems director Sebastian Sullivan added that, "Sarah's done a great job dotting her i's and crossing her t's."    

    The board approved Public Health's request and Reese added that she hopes other organizations will follow and start to utilize social media.