Cheers to a wise decision by school administration and Jeers to too many U.S. Border Patrol agents doing things they don't need to be doing a wise decision by school administration   

    Cheers to the Crookston Public Schools for canceling classes on Thursday. Although the main roads in town are decent, one can bet the roads in the country are still horrible. If you have four wheel drive, you're lucky to be able to plow right through drifts in the residential areas to get to work.    

    No school means kids at home with "nothing" to do. Good news for you tough teenagers out there. There's plenty of shoveling to do. And laundry. And dishes. And probably homework. Once you're done with that, sit back and enjoy your smartphones, tablets, televisions and whatever else you were hoping to play with on your day off.  Your parents will be thankful that you pitched in and continue to pay for your every want and need.    

    Thanks again for this beautiful snowy weather, Mother Nature. It allows kids to have a break and parents to get something done around the house.

                                                                       – Jess Bengtson too many U.S. Border Patrol agents doing things they don’t need to be doing   

    Criticizing recent reports that U.S. Border Patrol agents are helping out police in the Grand Forks area seems to be a pretty popular pastime in recent days, with good reason.   

    After 9/11, under the false pretenses that a bunch of the terrorists sneaked into the United States through Canada, the number of Border Patrol agents shot through the roof, thanks to an overreaching government, and as a result it’s a lot tougher to pass between the normally placid border between the two friendly nations that, as a result, maybe aren’t as chummy as they once were.   

    So we have hundreds of Border Patrol agents around here patrolling a border that, compared to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, has a tiny, tiny fraction of the problems with illegal aliens, drugs and any other unsavory things that might try get into America.   

    So, to keep the agents busy, apparently, they’re helping out police in the region. It sounds great on the surface, but it’s really not. If U.S. Border Patrol agents are within 100 miles of the international border, they can search you without first having a warrant to do so. That’s not right on many levels.   

    Someone needs to press rewind here. There are too many of these agents, hired under the guise of dramatically increasing protection at a border that doesn’t need the additional protection in the first place. Reassign them to the southern border or, if that’s not possible, eliminate some positions and in the process trim a budget that is more than likely bloated more than a beached whale.

                                                               – Mike Christopherson