$13,562 raised during 2013-14 effort

    The Pirate Fine Arts Boosters had another successful fund-raising year, with contributions from the community through the end of October totaling $13,562, Jim Kent, president of the PFAB Board of Directors, reported to the Crookston School Board at their most recent meeting.   

    The actual amount of the check written to the school district is $12,312, Kent explained. The remaining $1,250 is earmarked toward expenses related to the use of the high school auditorium.   

    The rest of this year's contributions are being invested in:   

    • $500 for junior high art supplies including paint and brushes, glazes and printing ink
    • $1,662 for high school art including a Lockerbie pottery wheel and painting supplies
    • $1,500 for theater including musical scripts and royalties, accompanist and light technician
    • $2,500 for band including a guest clinician, curriculum development resources, headset microphone, and a set of four Pbones, which is a model of a trombone used in pep and marching band
    • $2,500 for choir and orchestra including a 16-channel mixing console with case, microphones and cables
    • $750 for choir for "smart" music, which is accompaniments for contest literature that includes an assessment tool, awards and music
    • $400 for Washington Elementary music including a portable microphone system
    • $2,500 for Highland School music including Rhythmically Moving and Gameplan music curriculums, and a bass xylophone
    • PFAB contributions also fund music camp scholarships and artist-in-residence programs, and help support the AAA Banquet.   

    PFAB was born in 2002-03 to support and enhance fine arts programming in Crookston's public schools. Annual contributions have ranged from $8,470 to $14,750 and to date have totaled $141,775.   

    If you'd like to contribute, contact PFAB at PO Box 743.