How many of you can say your Dad or your Grandpa are in a band?

How many of you can say your Dad or your Grandpa are in a band?

Well I'm very lucky to say that My Dad (Shane Erickson) and Grandpa (Dale "Bump" Erickson) are in a band together. This is known as the Four Wheel Drive!

The Four Wheel drive started in 1970.plays base guitar and sings as well as my father.

I remember being a little girl and thinking my Dad and Grandpa were the coolest guys I knew.

They still are because I don't know a single person in my grade that has a Dad or Grandpa that plays in a band!

I don't know how they do it there are late nights and in the crowd trying to get up on stage with them to sing along.

I do envy my dads talent. He can sing, play guitar, and play drums! I on the other hand think I can sing, but really I'm just tone deaf. I will never be so grateful to my dad for playing guitar for me for my Miss Crookston contest.

Watching them through the years I really am thankful for having a grandpa and dad that can sing and play instruments.

It's cool to be able to watch them at the Sioux games and the many other places they have played. They play at venues at Lake of the Woods and Local fairs.

They have groupies that follow them around, but maybe not so many crazy girl fans that used to attack the Beatles.

But they do have groupies who try to get on stage and sing with them and even take their guitars and play. They're very polite when this happens.

They usually laugh and ask nicely for their microphone and guitars back, and the fan will hand it over to them.

The band continues to play and the fan starts dancing with their friends, like they were doing before they got the crazy idea to jump on stage and try to be in the band.

My grandma and I go to many of the places they perform, and we always get a good laugh out of my grandpa and dad when they're done singing a song. My grandpa likes to tell a joke or two just to get the crowed laughing.

They usually play songs from many different age groups and from many different genres. I like it when they play country hits from Luke Bryan or Keith Urban.

I wish I had confidence and strength as my Grandpa and Dad so I could get up on stage and sing my heart out.

Erickson is a student in Toni Grove's communications and broadcasting course at Crookston High School.