Shafer’s victim was 13
at the time of the assault

    Andy Allen Shafer, 20, of Crookston was sentenced on Friday, Nov. 15 to 144 months in prison for a 2012 first degree felony criminal sexual conduct charge. His victim was 13-years-old when Shafer raped her.    

    According to the complaint, the incident happened Aug. 4, 2012 at the victim's home in Crookston. According to the complaint, she was asleep in her brother's room when Shafer forced himself onto her. The victim told authorities she was scared of Shafer because he had allegedly abused his prior girlfriend.    

    Shafer will be eligible for conditional release after confinement of 10 years, said the complaint. He will also be subject to DNA testing, must register as a predatory offender/sexual offender, cannot vote until his civil rights have been restored, may not possess a firearm for his lifetime, and must pay fines and restitution.