He says he felt a burning
sensation, then people were trying
to put things around his neck

    Carlos Ismael Garcia, 30, Crookston, was charged this week with three counts including attempted first degree murder, first degree assault of great bodily harm and second degree assault with a dangerous weapon. The victim, known as J.A.S., who will be  29-years-old on Nov. 23, had previous altercations with the offender, according to case documents.    

    According to the complaint, J.A.S. told police he had been in jail with Garcia this past summer. While in jail, he said he saw Garcia steal a phone card and reported it to authorities. When he saw Garcia this past Friday night at Crooks Club, they exchanged words. Later, J.A.S. said he got into an altercation with another individual outside Crooks Club. After the fight was over, he said he felt someone come behind him and put their arm around his neck. He felt a burning sensation. The next thing he knew, people were trying to put things around his neck and he didn't know why. His throat was slit and he was brought by ambulance to RiverView Hospital.    

    Officers subsequently on Saturday morning, Nov. 16 went to Garcia's home. His mother consented to their entry and, according to the complaint, they found Garcia hiding under a bed in the basement. After an additional search of the home, according to the complaint, they found a yellow box cutter, smoking devices, a bag of a leafy green substance, copper pipes, thin pipe with a white powdery substance on it, a cellular phone, a wallet, a retractable knife and a digital weight scale with white residue.    

    According to the complaint, when questioned, Garcia said he hated the victim, J.A.S. Garcia initially denied anything about the assault until officers explained the evidence they found in his home. He then swore a few times and asked what kind of a plea deal he could get, the complaint states.    

    Garcia had recently pled guilty in Polk County to felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and third degree controlled substance. After he failed to appear for sentencing on Oct. 21, a warrant was issued for his arrest.    

    He also has prior offenses in Texas and more recent convictions in Polk County like criminal mischief, DWI, and possession of drug paraphernalia.