Board wants a long-term plan to potentially replace building, after Justice Center bonds are paid off

    Mark Dietz, Polk County building and grounds supervisor, and Richard Sanders, county highway engineer, talked to the Polk County Board of Commissioners this week about the Highway Department building roof repair after a bid was submitted. The inspection on the building shows a need for more than just roof repairs, they said. The beams around the building are having issues and it was suggested that the floor might need to be replaced as well.    

    "I think we might need to go back to the basics and just fix the roof for now. Make the building useable and down the road look at a new building," Dietz suggested.    

    District 3 Board member Nick Nicholas added, "I'm surprised the insurance companies haven't been up there and said anything about it."   

    Sanders reminded them that, "They only check it in the summer. They wouldn't notice that it had ice, snow and moisture issues."    

    It will cost over $200,000 to fix the roof because of moisture and structural damage. The board thinks there should be a five or ten year plan to discuss replacing the building. They want to wait until the Polk County Justice Center jail bonds are paid off and they can start saving again.    

    Board members have concerns over the amount of work that needs to be done and were interested in getting a second opinion, so Dietz suggested they have another assessment done with the same company that provided information for the Polk County Transfer Station. The board approved a motion to get the second opinion and they will revisit the issue once it is complete.

Appointing an Emergency Manager   

    After keeping the half-time position open for the Emergency Manager, the Sheriff's Department and Highway Department have come together to offer it to Jody Beauchane, Polk County ag and ditch inspector. Combining his current position and the Emergency Manager position will bring him to full time. He will start Jan. 1, 2014 and will be under the direction of both Sanders and Sheriff Barb Erdman.    

    "Jody has competent people underneath him and does a good job at managing his time. I think he will do great," said Sanders.    

    Commisioners Warren Strandell and Nicholas moved to approve his position.