Cheers to a good kind of student drama and Jeers to the common cold a good kind of student drama   

    Cheers to Crookston High School's very own True Players! CHS's True Players, led by counselor Jackie Robertson and assisted by Youth Services Director Maria Argueta, this week took a trip to Ellen Hopkins Elementary School in Moorhead to perform their "Don't Laugh at Me" skit. The skit focused on bullying; the first time the skit was performed, the bullies were consistently and ferociously mean to their victim. After the skit was performed for the first time, Ms. Robertson asked the group of students if they had any questions for the group of True Players, who were still in character.    

    Questions were asked, such as "Why were you so mean to her?" and "Why didn't you stand up for yourself?" and "Why didn't the teacher do anything to stop it?"    

    The True Players then had a second chance to perform the skit; the bullies began by knocking their victim down, however, one of them stopped and helped her up, causing a domino effect for the rest of the group. The bullies stopped their awful behavior and eventually became friends with the victim.    

    Again, after the skit was performed, questions were asked by the students. After a brief Q/A, students were chosen to learn the skit and asked how it felt to be bullies/bullied. A serious activity followed, where students were allowed to publicly apologize to someone they bullied or hurt with their words or actions. The hour-long session was performed for grades third, fourth and fifth.    

    Silence means acceptance, and it's clear that the True Players will not stand any form of bullying. Let's all learn a lesson from them and continue with combined efforts to stop unnecessary meanness.

                                               – Torrie Greer, student staff writer the common cold   

    With all the technological advances and new medications that come out, why hasn't there been a cure for the common cold? There are so many "natural remedies" and the elderly all swear by something or another. Some say apple cider vinegar will knock it right out. Some say "load up on Vitamin C and it should clear up in a day."    

    It's really tough when you don't want to take a sick day from work, but your head feels like it is going to explode. Everything seems a bit foggy and your nose thinks it's hilarious to run whenever it feels like.    

    Wouldn't one think there would be simple solution? Maybe they have found a cure, but the pharmaceutical companies don't want to lose out on their "cold" medications. Who knows? Here's to hoping there's a cure soon.
                                                                      – Jess Bengtson