The newsroom weighs in on this week's top five things we'd like to see happen locally or around the world

On the school vote, make sure you explain tax impact

It’s a big week for the Crookston School Board and administration. No, they don’t have any public informational meeting scheduled to explain exactly what they’re seeking from district voters at the ballot box on Nov. 5. But that doesn’t mean they’re won’t be a lot of conversation on the subject, which involves approximately $14 million in capital repair and improvement projects, around $6 million of which require voter approval. It’s a huge, 20-year financing package, necessary because of the huge amount of work that’s necessary. Board members, administrators and staff are talking to service clubs about it, they’re talking in the grocery line about it, and they’re actually doing a pretty good job at simplifying what is a really complex talk. A suggestion to them, though: People seem to be especially skeptical of the tax impact, i.e. most property taxes will stay the same or actually go down. They’re having a tough time grasping that one, even if the charts and spreadsheets say so. So you might want to really hit that aspect hard in this closing week.

Appreciate, interact with the elderly around you

There might be an elderly person(s) in your life who doesn't get the attention they deserve. When someone goes into a retirement home or lives far away, they can be easily forgotten. These folks have great stories of the past that they would love to share. Some might have been involved in the military, worked on a farm or raised a large family. Maybe they did all three. Looking for advice? They, most likely, have been through something similar and would be a good person to turn to. Like yourself, they just want someone to talk with. Especially if it is family and friends. They can be great company on a weekend afternoon or someone to share a meal with. The next time you are looking for something to do, think about that elderly person in your life who would love some company.

Support your local arts, like Crookston Community Theatre

It seems like there's always something going on in Crookston! The Crookston Community Theatre had its opening night for their fall play, Blue Yonder, on Sunday, October 27, and will continue its run until Wednesday, October 30. Twelve talented ladies, along with their fearless leader Joyce Johnson, have been working on the dramatic comedy since the beginning of August; with that being said, there has been an extensive amount of time to learn, preen and work solely on the lines and demographics of the play. CCT is a great asset to the Crookston community, and not only for those who are interested in the dramatic arts. CCT is, however, just one of the many art opportunities for those interested in Crookston. With other programs, like the Crookston Artist Series who recently had a performance, the Crookston community is exposed to different types of art through the hard work and dedication of those who are passionate enough to pursue it. Let's support our local art opportunities!

                                              – Torrie Greer, student staff writer

Despite heartbreaking loss, Golden Eagles make strides

Coach Mike Fritze and staff, true freshman quarterback Kyle Larson, senior running back Keith McBride, sophomore running back Talo Pascal, junior linebacker Brody Davidson, senior linebacker Ricky Jacobs, junior defensive back Tyler Hansen, the freshman from Hawaii and California and every member of the Golden Eagle football program deserves tons of credit for what they have done this season in taking UMC to the next step. After a tumultuous offseason, it would have been an easy excuse if the Golden Eagles didn't take that next step in turning the program around. And, while UMC is just 2-6 on the season, it has beaten two big rivals and been competitive in other games. With three games left, including a home game against Northern State Saturday, Nov. 9, the Golden Eagles still have work to do to make this a successful season. Slowly but surely, the Golden Eagles are righting the ship and it's a lot of fun to watch.

Vikes failed, now it’s the Gophers’ turn to step up with some big wins

Earlier this month, with the Vikings at a 1-3 record, a fan looked at their upcoming schedule and concluded that the team needed to be 3-3 after its next two games if it wanted to make this season relevant. The games were against a mediocre Carolina team and the then-winless Giants. The Vikes were easily defeated in both and have since been smoked by the Packers. The season’s lost. Which brings us to the Minnesota Gophers football team. They beat #24-ranked Nebraska on Saturday to get their sixth win. It’s only October, but that makes the team bowl-eligible already. But, same with the Vikings, if they want to make this season meaningful  and truly relevant, it’s time to keep winning. They have upcoming games against Indiana and Penn State and the Maroon and Gold need to win them both. Then maybe they’ll actually play a bowl game on New Year’s Day, instead of one during late December that everyone forgets about.