In his Rose Garden speech a couple of days ago, the President compared to The difference between the two couldn't be more startling.

    In his Rose Garden speech a couple of days ago, the President compared to  The difference between the two couldn't be more startling.  I have six observations on the matter:   

    1. actually works.  (I wonder if the good folks at think of the President's comparison as insulting.)   

    2. People go to willingly because they WANT to and they KNOW what they'll get (I, for example, am a satisfied Kayak customer), while those who go to HAVE to, and they have no idea what they'll get (although a large number of people are reporting that they're getting the proverbial Shaft, losing their health plans and their doctors, and those successful in logging on are reporting INCREASED, not reduced, premiums, all in direct contradiction to the President's promises).   

    3. Because we HAVE to register with the government, can be as inefficient and wasteful of our tax dollars as they want, and NO ONE will be held responsible or accountable because large governmental bureaucracies create an effective screen against scrutiny (unless you're a Republican, apparently).   

    4.  At last count, to fix's "glitches," transmission of erroneous information, and laughable security (even MNSure was hacked and raided for registrants' personal information within the first few days of operation), techs will have to go through and fix 500 MILLION lines of code.  Does that sound like a "glitch" or glaring incompetence to you?   

    5. Finally, if this is how a WEBSITE sponsored by the government fails, can you IMAGINE what they'll do with regard to your actual HEALTHCARE?    

    6.  Not only should we seek to delay the Individual Mandate (which, contrary to the Supreme Court's ruling, I believe is unconstitutional because this is NOT a tax), we should seek to abolish the (un-)Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a., the ACA, or Obamacare) and allow some Free Market solutions.  I humbly suggest four:   

    A. Let's start with Tort Reform (a political bugaboo ever since I can remember).    

    B. Let's continue with abolishing the restrictions to Health Care Plans across state lines to encourage competition.    

    C. Let's keep some of the ACA's "goodies" like (for starters) abolishing the "pre-existing condition" exclusionary practice, and allowing our children remain under our health care plans until they're 26.    

    D. And finally, let's continue to offer welfare health care to those who actually can't afford it instead of forcing everyone to register.   

    Except for the military and infrastructure services, I don't trust government-run anything.  It's just an excuse for fraud, waste and abuse.  Let's limit government size, scope and influence, and become a more self-reliant people.