Water damage the main culprit at Highway Department and Transfer Station

    Tuesday's Polk County Board of Commissioners heard a lot about needed repairs for places like the Highway Department and Transfer Station buildings.        

    Mark Dietz, buildings and grounds director, approached the board with projected plans for the Transfer Station's landscaping and moisture leak issues. Because of water leakage, they would like to replace the stone paneling, parts of the roof and fix the gutter system that is too tight. They also need to re-work the grating around the exterior of the building and replace the filter fabric, which was originally trying to prevent weeds, but has created pools of water. The stone exterior that is to be replaced with metal will cost around $5,000 itself.    

    The board approved work that can be completed this fall like the grating, gutter issues and paneling. They need to hold off until the spring to install the rubber roof which they hope will be the solution. Dietz also hopes to get a concrete stoop at the entrance for ADA accessibility. Although there are necessary fixes for the Transfer Station, there is also a drawing of additional options like a whole new entry system. They will discuss that at a later time.      

    The Highway Department building has things that need to be fixed right away too, but Rich Sanders also mentioned his "Christmas wish list" of adding additional office space by raising the roof. Currently, the highway building is experiencing water leakage, cracked sheet rock, roof problems and door issues. They will put together the numbers to fix all the necessary items and another estimate of what it would cost to add additional office space.    

    Sanders said, "We're all a little tight in there and it would be nice to have space for everyone."