Washington School has perfect attendance on Oct. 10, at least for a few hours

    Sure, once in a very great while, a student will graduate from high school having never missed a day of school since the day he or she first walked into school as a kindergartner. A bit more frequently, a student might go through an entire school year without missing a day due to illness or other reason.   

    Absenteeism is simply something that is presumed to occur every day at every school. Some kids are just going to miss school every once in a while, and that's that, especially if there's a bug going around, and as just about every parent and teacher would attest, there's always a bug going around.   

    But then there's what occurred at Washington School on Thursday, Oct. 10. For the first time since she became principal of the school in 1999, Denice Oliver reports that the school home to pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first-graders had perfect attendance. Attendance was taken, as usual, in every single classroom at the start of the day, and every single child was there.   

    "It was so exciting they announced it over the PA from the office," Oliver said. "Everyone was clapping and celebrating. It's just something you figure is going to happen every now and then, but it never had since I'd been there, so we kind of made a big deal out of it."   

    They say perfection is unattainable, however, and they also say all good things must come to an end. And it did at Washington School.   

    "We had a couple kids go home sick later in the day," Oliver said.

    "But it was still a pretty special morning."