Disabled American Veterans and MNSure

    DAV Chapter 14 of the Disabled American Veteran Thanks You our community, businesses and individuals who supported us with the Forget Me Not drive held recently.    

    Special Thanks from those who use our Veterans Hospital and Clinics for your support.    

    Support extends to our veterans who use the VA clinic/ hospital, service center, MN state Foundation, National Foundation, DAV Memorial and benefit toward the Wounded Warrior Program and Fergus Falls Veteran Home.

DAV Chapter 14 Committee
Leo Luettjohann
Jim Sheridan

MNsure looks like a big lie

    I am beginning to think MNsure is the biggest lie that has ever been shoved down the throats of Minnesotans.   

    We in Minnesota, spent 160 million dollars for a broken website.    

    I am a health insurance agency owner with 20 agents statewide in Minnesota that are dead in the water and can not help people enroll in a health plan because MNsure's  invincible stupidity and impenetrable ignorance to the facts that #1. not every Minnesotan has a computer #2. even if they have a computer they cannot navigate through the swamp of criteria that MNsure’s over educated engineers have developed.   

    Getting on to MNsure is like a walk through a mine field.    

    Apparently they never thought ahead to set up agents on the MNsure site. 10 days after roll out we still cannot set up agent portals to help people. The Doctor and network search is inactive. Help lines are clogged  beyond belief. Information given is often inaccurate. Most people are denied access when trying to set up an account.   

    I invite anyone that reads this to try to create an account and suffer the frustration. Go to: http://mnsure.org/   

    We spent 160 Million for a system that was already in place! They are called local health insurance agents!   

    I would like to get the word out about 'MNsure' 'The Big Lie'

Ken Longtin
The Longtin Agency