This week's Cheers and Jeers lots of ‘Girls’ coming out for a great cause   

    Tuesday's Girl's Night Out Crookston Splash Park fundraiser showed how supportive the Crookston community can be. Not only did they raise thousands of dollars, it gave women and children something to do.
    There were vendors with purses, jewelry, baked goods, crafty dog collars, self defense items and home decor. If you are an early Christmas shopper, that was the place to be. Vendors gave special deals just for the event and donated part of their proceeds to the future Splash Park. Girl's Night Out also had a taco feed with free will donation that raised almost $1,000.
    All in all, they raised close to $3,000 with more money coming in from vendors. Here’s hoping that they continue to do well in donations and plan on seeing the Splash Park up and running next summer.
                                                                       – Jess Bengtson politicians not doing their job and our government shutting down   

    Government: The "Big Brother" figure in the lives of every American. Government plays a role in every aspect of our lives, from when we get up in the morning with regulated Daylights Savings Time to downing the cup of regular morning Joe that's been regulated by the FDA. There are countless examples of how government interactions and regulations affect the lives of Americans.
    So what happens when the government shuts down?
    Will we soon spiral into a pitfall of a post-appocolyptic world as depicted in Orwell's “1984?” Will society as we know it crumble around us with an all-reigning supremacy standing on the mound of what was once the land of the free and the home of the brave?
    Hopefully not. Hopefully the governmental shutdown will be fixed with the acceptance of defeat or a fueled compromise.
    It's time for the government to do what's best for its people-- even if that means compromising. Let's not focus on stepping on toes or hurting feelings, and instead on what's best for the American people.
    And a government shut down is not good for the American people.
                                           – Torrie Greer, student staff writer