Local winners named in cabbage growing competition.

Students in third grade at Highland School during the 2012-13 school year in classes taught by Betsey McIntyre, Andrea Ingersoll, Tina Leach and Erica Uttermark had the opportunity to grow a giant cabbage over the summer. 

Bonnie Plants donated the cabbage plants to each student with the challenge to grow a cabbage over the summer.  Out of the cabbages grown in participating school districts, winners from each school were chosen and entered into a scholarship drawing. The winners from Highland were Olivia Huck, Logan Melvie, George French, and Luke Noah.

The teachers would like to thank Bonnie Plants for providing this opportunity, and they also thank the parents of all the third graders who participated for supporting their child in the challenge. 

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will be drawing for a state scholarship winner in December.

For more information about the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage program visit bonniecabbageprogram.com/about/.