The newsroom weighs in on this week's five things they'd like to see happen locally or in the world.

Get into the Halloween decorating spirit

As the holiday season approaches, some people begin to feel festive. Autumn brings pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay stacks while Halloween tends to bring the scarier decor like skeletons and monsters. Decorating for the holidays can put those around you in a good mood, like it's something to look forward to. Some people go all out and others are more subtle. Involving your kids or grandkids could make for some traditional fun. Or perhaps just to scare the "bejeezus" out of your spouse. Maybe even start a neighborly competition. Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, think about giving it a whirl this year.

Vikings’ brass:
Be pragmatic

The Vikings’ brass has to know what’s going on. If the team comes out of its bye next weekend and it’s announced that Christian Ponder’s rib is good to go and he’s starting against the Carolina Panthers, it’ll get ugly. They have to tell Ponder that his backup, Matt Cassel, led them to a potentially season-saving win in London over the Steelers and that, until he plays poorly and the team subsequently loses, Cassel’s the starter. Cassel started a little shaky on Sunday; a couple throws could have been picked off and he had a careless fumble, recovered by the Purple. But he zipped the ball, he was decisive, and when his receivers caught passes they actually were able to become athletes and take off running. For Viking fans who’d witnessed the first three weeks of this abysmal season, it was a shocking development. Cassel must be the guy, until he totally blows it and/or the team loses enough games and it’s determined that making the playoffs this year simply isn’t a realistic goal. Then they can throw Ponder back out there just to make sure what they’ve suspected for a while: He wasn’t worth the 12th pick in the first round of the draft four years ago.

Go out and support high school activities

Things are really kickin' at Crookston High School-- literally. There is always something going on, whether it be a soccer match, football game, theatre production, choir concert, tennis match-- you name it. It's no surprise that a mass majority of students who attend Crookston High School are involved in one or more activities. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that crowds at the various activities are usually plentiful, given good weather and scheduling. How much does the general public-- those without high school students or relatives who attend the high school-- know about Pirate activities? A formal calendar and list of dates and times for sporting events and productions are readily available online as well as broadcasted by local medias. It's important to get the word out so that the community can go out and support Crookston events. – Torrie Greer, student staff writer

Twins brass need to know what ‘huge’ really means

The cute little Minnesota Twins wrapped up a third consecutive 90-plus-loss season Sunday by losing ten of their final 11 games. While they faded from the casual fan's consciousness months ago, the losses kept piling up. The ball club will almost certainly continue its abysmal play next year because owners refuse to spend money. General manager Terry Ryan recently called Josh Willingham's three-year, $21 million contract a "huge" contract. Mr. Ryan, wait and see what the New York Yankees pay their second baseman Robinson Cano this offseason. You may want to sit down when you hear it. This year the Twins ranked 21st in team salaries. Can someone tell us where all the money the Twins are making from the new Target Field is going? That bulge in the Pohlads pockets, they aren't happy to see you, that's their fat stacks of greenbacks. The cute little Twins continue to tell their fan base to be patient and wait for the draft picks to get to the big show and then the W's will come. Maybe, but then watch them leave for another team that will give them a "huge" contract.

Read this, and do what it says

Maybe not enough people read the newspaper or listen to local radio. Maybe it’s because some people choose ignorance and, to them, it is blissful. When city council members and officials kind of threw in the towel last week when a council member voiced complaints about dog owners letting their dogs defecate on our near grave sites in Oakdale Cemetery and then not clean it up, the consensus was that Crookston most mostly responsible pet owners, but the irresponsible ones in town will always be irresponsible, even if the local media spreads the word that city officials and law enforcement want them to clean up after their dogs. Well, that’s kind of an unfortunate cop-out. If these lazy dog owners can read a single paragraph in the local newspaper, maybe it’ll be this one: Hey, you…yes YOU! Grab a bag from home, or grab one from one of the two shiny-new receptacles along University Avenue, and clean up after your dog, no matter where he or she decides it’s time to go. Got it? Good.