She's aiming for Berry Burst Frozen Yogurt opening prior to Halloween.

Rossalyn Nephew, owner of Berry Burst Frozen Yogurt downtown, is very excited to open her frozen yogurt shop this fall. She has dreamed of owning her own business ever since she graduated from Rasmussen College last year. This past May, that dream became a reality after the state approved her application to open in Crookston. The Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority (CHEDA) earlier this year also approved a $30,000 loan to Nephew to purchase the necessary kitchen equipment.

Rossayln and her father, Willie Nephew, have been working tirelessly at finishing construction inside the store next to Widman's Candy on South Broadway. Inside it is bright, cheerful and does not lack color. Her sister, Bethany, has been working on the designs for the walls these past couple months. Nephew has all the equipment ready to go and will work on the finishing touches over the next few weeks.

The store will start out with eight different yogurt choices, plus a twist option on each machine. It will be self-serve with many toppings such as fruits, cookie dough, brownie bites and more. Nephew has been taking advice from real-life friends and the Berry Burst Facebook friends on what to offer that is different from other places. She hopes to have smoothies, soups and sandwiches alongside the frozen yogurt so people can stop in for a meal too.

For now, Rossalyn is trying to maintain a certain level of intrigue on what her business will have to offer, and she doesn't want photographs of the interior now to spoil the "element of surprise" when customers first walk in. She wants there to be an "element of surprise for new customers."

Nephew remembers loving to go with her family for ice cream when she was younger, but during the winter months there weren't many options. Berry Burst will be open year-round and she hopes to open before Halloween.