Cheers to catching school spirit and Jeers to raccoons, mice and squirrels catching school spirit    

    Cheers to Crookston High School's Student Council, who has and is effectively creating a welcoming, pirate-crazed homecoming atmosphere. Homecoming is one of the prized jewels nestled in the world of high school and, if celebrated properly, can bring the school and community closer together in combined pride.    

    Crookston High School's Student Council has definitely pulled this feat off. With spirit dress up days planned for the entirety of next week along with coronation, a homecoming football game and dance, it is sure to be a fun time that will stick in the minds for Crookstonites alike.    

    Great job, Student Council! Without hard-working individuals like you, school spirit just wouldn't be as contagious. Thanks for taking care of business and keeping the best interests of the high school, community and peers in mind.
                                          – Torrie Greer, student staff writer raccoons, mice and squirrels...oh my   

    Raccoons, mice, and squirrels...oh my.    

    What a pain they can be. Squirrels like to run on the ground, up trees, on roofs and along fence lines. They love to hang on bird feeders. They are really just rats with fluffy tails.    

    When you have dogs, squirrels can create quite a commotion. Sometimes they get inside your yard and your pesky mutt wants to prove how fast and tough he really is. Once he catches them, he thinks it's a must to bring you his trophy catch of the day. Yuck.    

    And then there are the raccoons. They like to come out at night and miraculously lift the lid off your garbage cans to dig out some treasures. It is no fun in the morning before work having to pick up half-eaten sandwiches, leftover spaghetti, or chicken bones.    

    Finally we have the mice. They don't do much, but when you accidentally see one trying to squeeze itself in between the siding on your house you feel like blowing up the house would be the only sure-fire way of getting rid of it.    

    So what do we do with these awful intruders? Setting up a permanent sniper stand would be too much work, but that’s against city code. Cutting down all your trees and bushes is also too much work and probably bad for the environment.    

    The best thing you can do is set up traps and hope they get the hint. Go find somewhere else to play!
                                                                           – Jess Bengtson