Local course would be called 'How to Make Almost Anything.'

    Although it’s still only “phase one” of a multi-phase process, efforts to get a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) FABLab at Crookston High School took on a high profile this week when Dr. Caroline McEnnis from MIT visited CHS to discuss the possibilities with Principal J.J. Vold and teachers Chris Trostad and Mike Geffre.

    “I’m confident we can bring one to CHS with the proper support and funding, due to the staff in place and existing CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) courses already offered to ninth graders,” Vold reported to the school board this week, stressing that the board would be able to weigh in before any public or private funding is sought to make the initiative a reality.

    Vold, Trostad and Geffre earlier this month toured a FABLab at Century College in White Bear Lake, Minn. If the effort reaches the next phase, a visit would likely be made to the FABLab at Mahtomedi High School, one of the most respected high school-based FABLabs in MIT’s worldwide network of such labs.

    “FAB” is short for fabrication education. Using technology based on building things from atoms on up, a course at CHS would be called “How to Make Amost Anything,” Vold said, in which “any student can create almost anything.” Students could develop prototypes and potentially patent their inventions and bring concepts and prototypes to production facilities, he explained. Potentially, a FABLab course could be added in the evenings for community members, Vold said.