Two students and a teacher weigh in.

    Times Student Staff Writer Torrie Greer returns to the halls of Crookston High School to sample views on the latest hot-button issues. This week's question: Do you think we need more gun control or better background checks on gun sales after the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard?
    • Charlie Brantner – Yes, I believe stricter gun control laws are necessary because obviously the current ones aren't doing enough to protect citizens. I believe that changing the laws will keep things from happening.

    • Adam Erickson – Even though I feel deeply saddened by that tragedy, I do not think more laws are the way to go. They were already in place with some of the most strict and they were in a gun free zone which does not make sense because they were on Navy premises. I feel trying to fix mental health and how he got through security after having previous arrests is worth looking into instead of creating stricter gun laws.

    • Teacher Merrilee Forgit – No, I do not believe stricter gun laws are necessary because I believe they won't restrict gun sales or actions. I think we should implement stricter mental health guidelines and facilities, instead.