The newsroom weighs in on this week's five things they would like to see happen locally or in the world.

If you must cut, remember
Trees are tricky. Once you plant your baby tree, you have to protect the trunk from hungry animals, make sure you give it enough water, and feed it. The first couple years are the most crucial in finding out if it will survive our brutal winters. Well, what happens when that sapling becomes a monster? Its branches grew out in a gnarly fashion hanging over the house and yard. Every time the wind blows, you get nervous that you will have an extra skylight. How do you cut down a tree planted by someone who has fond memories of its younger years? Also, when you're a penny pincher, how do you cut it down instead of having to pay someone with a lift and chainsaw? You'll either have to gather a couple people who know what they're doing, or hire it out. Before it is cut down, take a picture and put it in your memory book as a reminder of where it once stood.  

Realize that Vikes are bad overall
When you’re a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the quarterback, Christian Ponder, is playing the way he is and it appears that, with the team winless after three games, the season is lost, it’s easy to freak out and scream for Ponder’s benching. But if you have any football knowledge whatsoever, you must know that this team is horribly under-performing in pretty much every aspect of the game. Or maybe the talent level of the roster was simply overrated to begin with. No matter: The offensive line resembles a sieve when it comes to protecting Ponder, and the defense as a unit is a disaster. In addition to that, after giving up a fake punt first down and a fake field goal touchdown to the Browns, a winless team that had traded its best player days earlier and, therefore, had already given up on this season in favor of high draft picks next year, Viking fans know the team’s coaching staff did not prepare whatsoever for an opponent that had nothing to lose. So, in a nutshell, other than Adrian Peterson, nothing is good about this team. So, rip Ponder all you want…he certainly deserves it. But the entire team and its coaching staff are no less deserving of such criticism.

It’s up to...take care of yourself
With the usual autumn allergies going around, it's been easier to fall victim to sickness, whether it be with seasonal allergies, the stomach flu and/ or a wet cough. In today's hustling and bustling society, sickness is the last thing that the majority of people want to face; often we'll just brush it off and try to work through our symptoms until it's too late. It's important to take care of yourself, especially when you're 'less than your best.' Take time for your body to fully recover, whether that means staying home from work/ school, pacing your usual workload or staying home from social, after work events. Taking these steps and precautions, along with seeing a doctor if symptoms persist, is a step in the right direction to feeing better. Ultimately, it's up to you whether or not you're going to take time for your body to fully recover from illness. However, taking actions to make yourself feel better will only lead to your betterment and well-being. While it's never fun to be ill, it's vital to take care of yourself; it will be a contributing factor in your short- and long-term health. -Torrie Greer, student staff writer

More progress on projects, high profile and otherwise
How about let’s just see more progress this week, starting with the Small Cities Development Project (SCDP) grants around town. Maybe you’re not aware of what’s going on, but projects like the one underway at the Qwest building on Second Street, home to Opticare and Studio 108, that’s an SCDP program, which combines grant dollars with local investment to improve local commercial and rental space. And the Downtown Square Pavilion…it’s coming along nicely. The Cobblestone Hotel, too, and last week it became apparent the exact path that the expanded Sahlstrom Drive will take, going past the new hotel and turning west before ending on University Avenue. Continued progress on so many fronts, in a town of our size, that’s an encouraging thing to ask for.

More strides in UMC volleyball
Golden Eagle volleyball hosts Bemidji State Tuesday at 7 p.m. Let's be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot to cheer about in Crookston sports lately. Many teams are struggling to stay around the .500 mark. UMC Volleyball is at the .500 mark, 5-5, but is 0-2 against NSIC opponents, Minnesota Duluth and St. Cloud State, two of the best teams in the conference. Head coach Lee Anderson, in his ninth season, has built this program to where it is and that's bringing in athletes to compete in the best conference in the nation and keeping them here. UMC has six seniors and three juniors, who are key leaders. Senior libero Chelsea Wiesner recently broke the school record for digs that was set a few years ago by Jaclyn Slepicka. Junior outside hitter Brittany Looker is being selected to all-tournament teams in every tournament. Senior outside hitter Alexandra Skeeter, senior middle hitter Katie Miedtke and junior middle hitter Morgan VanGerpen are both big parts to the team's success. It's a fun team to watch with their hard hits and never-quit mentalities. Go and check out the Golden Eagles Tuesday.