The newsroom gives out their Cheers and Jeers of the week. outdoor, educational fun

    Cheers to Crookston's Castle Park for providing some outdoors-y fun for families and friends. It is nice to get out of the house and head down to the trails to get some exercise while the young ones play or dig around.                                      

     Current free events at the park involving kids and nature help parents and friends teach them about their surroundings. Who knew there were so many different species of plants and insects hiding away inside our own city limits? Looking around the "forest,” you can find leaves as big as your dog, bright red (probably poisonous) berries, and mossy trees full of bugs.

     The trails go up, down and sideways which can often lead to a foot race. It is a great time for everyone that goes there, just remember your walking shoes.

                                                                       – Jess Bengtson iOS7 Update for iAnything

    Millions of people worldwide own devices from the Fortune 500 Company, Apple, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook or, really, iAnything. Apple has taken over the market with catchy advertising and easy to use interfaces, all while possessing the number one grossing online music store, iTunes.

    Have you heard of its latest iOS7 update? Many people haven't, despite Apple's claims of the update being "revolutionary." Why, if Apple is such a large, proficient company, have its users been unaware of its latest and greatest update? Why is a change of interfaces necessary? Is it simply a way to continue the cycle of the constantly evolving and transforming world of technology?    

    I'm sure the latest iOS7 update is great – if you have the time and memory capacity to update your device. Should Apple users have to delete data – like songs, pictures, messages or apps – off of their devices simply to update a system that requires 3 GB, approximately, to update? Shouldn't there be an easier, more consumer-friendly way?    

    Apple is constantly upgrading – it's part of what makes them a revolutionary Fortune 500 Company. However, maybe they should "change their tune" about the requirements for updates and make the process easier for its devoted, paying customers.                   

                                           – Torrie Greer, student staff writer