Periodic feature will focus on initiatives in Crookston's public schools.

    Note to readers: Retired high school teacher and current Crookston School Board member Dave Davidson is heading up a new feature, “The Right Fit for Me” that will appear periodically in the Times. He explains the initiative below.

    The purpose of this column, “The Right Fit for Me” and the ones that follow it will be to showcase many of the excellent educational opportunities that Crookston Public Schools offers our students.

    As a former teacher at CHS, as a current member of the school board, as a citizen of Crookston, and as a parent of one former Crookston student and one current Crookston student, I feel that I have rather unique perspective on this asset to our community.

    It’s my hope to feature one aspect of the educational experience that is offered to students in each column.  This may include classes, programs, schools, individual educators, students, and administrators.  Because athletics is featured so prominently in media throughout the community, this column will feature academic and fine arts extra-curriculars as well.

    It’s my firm belief that Crookston Public Schools offers a wide variety of educational experiences that meet almost everyone’s needs.  We have a great school district, but we have been slow to promote it in the past.  Through this column, I hope to begin to correct that problem.

    I encourage your input.  I can be contacted at, or by contacting the Davidson School Board Forum Facebook page, or by calling me at 218.686.3494.

    Look for the first feature on Advanced Placement classes at Crookston High School.