'Count me in at Castle Park' initiative has more events lined up

Two more events have been scheduled at the Castle Park Nature Play Space, which is currently featured in a magazine.

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    • "I SPY" in Nature will be held on
Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Go on an adventure and search the Castle Park trails. They'll have a scavenger hunt and provide magnifying glasses to look a little closer at all the wonders of nature.

    • “Pizzazz a Pumpkin” will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 8 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Try a new technique and decorate a pumpkin using all items from nature. Acorns for eyes, grass for hair, let your imagination go wild creating your own original pumpkin. There will be book reading, singing songs, and having an opportunity to share creations. Feel free to bring your own pumpkin, however, a limited number of pumpkins will be provided.

    For more information, call Kirsten Fagerlund at Polk County Public Health, 218-281-3385

Front page news

    The Castle Park Natural Play Space was featured in this month's issue of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Associations monthly magazine, the Scoop. There were a couple articles within the magazine promoting the importance of nature play for children. The NPS was developed through a partnership among the City of Crookston, U of M Crookston and Twin Cities, United Way of Crookston, Polk County Public Health and many dedicated community volunteers and organizations.

    What is Nature-Based Play? Nature based play puts kids in touch with nature by encouraging them to play with rocks, water, sand, leaves, sticks and other materials found outdoors. It may look more like woods, prairie or garden than a playground. Unlike the open woods though, these spaces usually have a border, so parents know where their kids are, and so kids can play freely.