Cheers to CHS students challenging themselves and Jeers to paying more to watch television

Cheers to...CHS students challenging themselves

    Hats off to Crookston High School and its many college-bound students who are challenging themselves with advanced placement courses. Not only will these classes, should you work, study and ultimately succeed in them, pay off literally in exchange for college courses should you pass, they will help you become accustomed with the college work-load and expectation level of work. Whether students are taking one, two, three or even nearly killing yourself with four advanced classes or are taking PSEO classes at the college, they should be recognized for their high valor and interest in rigorous classes; hats off to you!
    A cheer is also appropriate and necessary to Crookston High School and the University of Minnesota Crookston for making these classes possible and for raising a community of students who wish to take these classes.  
    These classes, being offered in the high school and college, open doors for students who might not otherwise be able to attend further education after high school. These classes help save families money for college credits as well as challenge students to be the best they can be to succeed in the advanced classes.
    With many benefits, it is clear that the advanced placement classes, whether at the high school or through Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) at UMC, are a benefit to the Crookston community and help it to raise the next generation of educated and informed leaders.

                                            – Torrie Greer, student staff writer

Jeers to...paying more to watch television

    Most everyone has cable or satellite television these days and initially their companies "hooked them" with a great start up package. What happens after your first year or when your promotional period ends? It seems like it all comes down to the same answer. The bill goes up.
    Sometimes you will even pay double than what you began with. When people sign up with a contract, there really isn't much they can do. Sure, you can call into your provider to see if there is some discount they can find. More times than none you will maybe save $10 and end the call feeling frustrated.
    Why isn't there a company that lets the consumer pick which channels they want to have and pay a-la-carte style? That would be too easy it seems. You either have to choose a higher package for those two extra good channels that you watch or miss out.
    Sometimes the only option is to threaten to go to another company and see if they are willing to save you.
    Most of them just laugh when they put you on hold, but with the right person on the other end of the call you could see a better result.
                                                                          – Jess Bengtson