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Progress on Professional Building property purchase

The CHEDA Executive Committee is going to meet on Thursday morning and after going through their normal agenda, they’re going to go into a closed session to discuss the potential purchase of the land along Seventh Street where the onetime “Professional Building” stood until it was demolished earlier this year. CHEDA leaders have visions of building a handful or so of homes on the property over the next several years, specifically, homes built by Crookston High School Contruction Trades students through the school’s partnership with CHEDA. It would be an ideal addition to the neighborhood, and educate kids at the same time. The issue to this point appears to be the price; the county’s minimum bid is $50,000 and, so far, no has offered that. Maybe, and hopefully, there will be some movement after Thursday’s discussion.

Continued improvement by Pirate soccer teams
The Pirate soccer teams each earned wins over the weekend and are both showing improvement from last season. The boys' team is now 2-3 on the season and have been competitive in every match except against Hillcrest/Pelican Rapids. The Pirates face Fergus Falls, which they beat 2-0 to start the season, on Friday to start the West Fargo Tournament. If the Pirates continue to improve they could be candidates to make a run in the playoffs. The girls' team earned its first win of the season over the weekend and is now 1-1-1. The Pirates face a tough test on Tuesday with East Grand Forks, but they are much improved over last season. Hopefully the balls will bounce Crookston's way through the rest of the season for both teams and they can put pressure on teams and stay competitive. Both have had solid play out of their goalkeepers, Michael Tate and Carly Welter. Best of luck, Pirates.

After one week, it’s Break 1, Make 0 for Vikings quarterback
It’s only one week so it’s probably not yet time to panic when it comes to the Vikings defense. Everyone knows the Lions have scary-good talent on offense and that they were going to score points on Sunday. The problem is that when your offense is as inept as the Vikings, aside from the long Adrian Peterson touchdown run, the defense is on the field most of the day and struggles to force punts. Let’s see how the defense does at Soldier Field next Sunday. Let’s see how Christian Ponder does there, too. He’s asked only to manage the game and not lose it and, yet, it seems as though he throws one pretty pass per quarter and, aside from a nifty scramble here and there, he’s shaky as heck. Everyone says this is make-or-break time for Ponder. With three turnovers Sunday and another poor performance on third downs, it’s Break 1, Make 0.

Apply yourself during senior year – it will pay off in the future
Senior year: A time in a young high schooler's life where one can be on top of the totem pole that is high school. Is senior year a time to slack off and breeze by? For some, maybe. For others, it's a time to take advantage of free classes-- a foreign concept in the quickly-approaching college world-- and work hard to ensure a good future. While a tremendous deal of homework sounds less appealing than sitting around watching TV, it's important for parents and students alike to keep in mind the fact that working hard in high school will pay off for the future, whether you're college bound or not. So this year, put first things first and take advantage of all of the classes you can, while still "living it up" senior year. Being mature means being able to get what you need done while still having fun; it's time to show how mature this class of seniors really are. – Torrie Greer, student staff writer

More peace of mind when it comes to dry basements
Dry basements in the Red River Valley are a hit and miss. When viewing open real estate, a dry (or drier) basement is a must for a considered purchase. What happens when you buy a house thinking you will be in the clear and then a year later it starts to leak? Panic sets in, that's for sure. There are many products out there for "D.I.Y.-ers" that can help with pin hole leaks, window leaks, and floor leaks. Some of them work, but most don't because the problem is usually greater than expected. A permanent solution like pouring a new floor or hiring a professional to fix leaks can be costly. Even a self-help method that includes digging up the whole yard on the outside of the wall to repair isn't guaranteed either. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a product or material that went into basement foundations when a house was built that would completely protect against leaks and water? That sounds like a lot to ask for in our region, but it's a thought for all you inventors out there.