K-3 graders get new tennis shoes.

    The Shoe Angel Project recently completed its 6th year of providing new  tennis shoes to Crookston K-3rd graders.  

    In 2008, 32 pairs of shoes were distributed to Crookston children.   Six years later in 2013, 64 pairs of shoes were given to children who otherwise may not have been able to purchase them. The Shoe Angel has been able to distribute more shoes because the Crookston community has become more aware of this project and thus become more generous with their donations.   

    The Women Who Care (WWC) would like to thank all of those who donated so generously to the Shoe Angel  this past year.  We are happy to say that we are able to continue this service and look forward  to next year’s distribution.

    We would  like to thank Trinity Lutheran Church who continues to be our fiscal agent for this project.  Donations are being accepted now for next year’s distribution. They can be mailed to Trinity at P.O. Box 598, Crookston. And thanks to the Four Seasons (Jim and Lois Chandler) for their happy hearts and commitment to the Shoe Angel.  They give us top notch shoes for reasonable prices.   WWC also is thankful for the commitment of the Salvation Army.  They continue to support us each year with a very generous donation.  

    So, thanks Crookston for caring about kids and for supporting the Shoe Angel both financially and in your prayers.