Widseth says he's swamped.

At Tuesday's Polk County Board of Commissioners meeting, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth was at the table requesting to replace Polk County Assistant Attorney Erin Goltz, who will move on to Hennepin County Sept. 23. Widseth explained that he alone is backed up, filling in for other attorneys and that he even struggled to get to the board meeting Tuesday. He said it would take at least a month after advertising just to get someone settled in.

Polk County Board Chair Craig Buness agreed that "the work is there" and thought it would be a good idea to get a replacement going as soon as they could. Commissioners Warren Affeldt and Warren Strandell both wanted to see the 2014 budget first before approving the position. They weren't necessarily opposed to the replacement because they agree the work load was heavy, they said, but they had more concern over the budget.

The salary for the position is included in the 2013 county budget.

The motion to replace Goltz was made by Commissioner Don Dietrich and seconded by Commissioner Nick Nicholas. Both Affeldt and Strandell voted against, resulting in a 2-2 split. Chairman Buness ended the tie in favor of advertising for a new assistant county attorney.