It's so hard to pick Minnesota Outstanding Senior Citizen that a special category is created for her.

Thursday, Aug. 29 was Senior Citizens' Day at the Minnesota State Fair. It was the day they would announce the man and woman who would be Minnesota's Outstanding Senior Citizens for 2013. Most of Minnesota's 87 counties had picked a man and a woman to represent their county, out of which the Minnesota Outstanding Senior Citizens would be chosen.

Representing Polk County were Liz Thompson of Crookston and Allan Dragseth of Eldred. First to be announced was the woman to be honored. It was announced that for the first time it had been so hard to choose the woman that a first place runner-up would also be recognized. That first place runner-up was none other than Thompson.

The winner was a 97 year old woman from Roseau County, Kelly Christianson Falk, and the gentleman winner was Lloyd Adams of Itasca County.

These people were chosen by assessing their involvement and philanthropic activities in their communities.