The newsroom weighs in with their cheers and jeers for the week. UMC and all it offers to the Crookston community

    Numerous Crookston community events – including theatre productions, summer care program field trips, camps and, of course, school – take place at the University of Minnesota Crookston campus and, for that reason and many  others, the campus should be recognized as the tremendous asset to the community that it is.

    Hat’s off to the University of Minnesota Crookston campus for always being well groomed and maintained. Its faculty and students are exceptional resources to the campus and community, always welcoming and quick to help with any question one may have. The campus provides many opportunities for local community members as well as visitors.

    While it's one of the smallest U of M campuses, the Crookston campus contains irreplaceable resources that are valuable to the community.
    The University of Minnesota Crookston houses many events and should be recognized for its presence and willingness to support the Crookston community and help it be the best it can truly be.

    Thank you, UMC, for your hard work and dedication.

– Torrie Greer, Times intern slower learners behind the wheel

    Most people know that it's a Minnesota state law to stop for pedestrians at crosswalk areas. But what about all the other places around town? There are many people that like to go for walks with their kids, dogs or a partner.
    Drivers need to learn to be more courteous to those who want to cross streets that aren't marked as crosswalks.

    It seems like everyone is in such a hurry these days whether it is when they're going to work, coming home from work, taking a trip to the store, going to an appointment or whatever. Can't you stop and wait for a couple seconds while someone who is just trying to enjoy the outdoors crosses the street? It is not too much to ask.

    The other day a woman was pushing her baby in a stroller and had her older child walking their dog right next to her. All they wanted to do was cross the road, but no one would stop for them. They waited until all six cars had passed before there was a good opening.

    Do you think those drivers felt the slightest bit guilty after they went by? Maybe, maybe not. It might be nice to set a good example and just let the people across. Perhaps others will follow your lead.

– Jess Bengtson