2012 U of M Crookston graduate will work with Fisher, Fertile-Beltrami and Win-E-Mac schools

    Jake Sanders, a 2012 graduate of the University of Minnesota Crookston and former Golden Eagle athlete, will facilitate a pilot project in three local school districts as part of Achieve More. Sanders will coordinate and manage Junior Achievement and College and Career Preparation 101 in three local school districts including Fisher, Fertile-Beltrami and Win-E-Mac. Achieve More.

    Funded through a recent grant from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation in collaboration with the Center for Adult Learning at the U of M Crookston and Impact 20/20, Achieve More was a successful pilot in the Crookston School District in 2012-13.

    Achieve More focuses on helping high school graduates prepare for career and post-secondary success by helping students navigate the challenges and opportunities they encounter; increasing opportunities for students to pursue post-secondary credit while in high school; and strengthening assessments and support students and help them stay on track and identify those needing additional help. Along with these, the program will align state academic standards and teacher preparation with real-world learning and encourage schools and districts to take innovative, comprehensive approaches to preparing students for post-secondary success.

    Michelle Christopherson, director of the Center for Adult Learning looks forward to what Sanders will bring to his new role. “Jake has many years of coaching and mentoring experience,” Christopherson says. “He is a native of Crookston and has much to share with students, parents, and staff at Fertile-Beltrami, Fisher, and Win-E-Mac. He will bring his ability to lead and influence to this role in a way that will benefit high school students in these communities and beyond.”

    Through this innovative partnership, the Center for Adult Learning, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, and IMPACT 20/20, together with educators and volunteers, will engage young people to connect with relevant occupations, both regional and local, while raising awareness of the importance of staying in school and thinking beyond the twelfth grade.

    For more information, contact Sanders at 281-8599.