News & Notes from the Park Board.

As part of the Crookston Parks & Recreation Department's matching grant program, the Dog Park in Castle Park is soon expected to be home to a new concrete slab that will provide the base for a three-sided shelter.

The slab will be 16 feet long by 10 feet wide, Parks & Rec Director Scott Riopelle told the Park Board this week. "The idea is to get people and their dogs, if they want, out of the elements," he explained, adding that the shelter will be placed on the northern portion of the park, where it's typically the most windy.

Even shelter from the hot sun sometimes helps, added Gina Carolan, who led the effort to raise money for the dog park. She and her husband, Mike Vivion, are moving from Crookston and this week was her last dog park update for the board before leaving the community. She gave the board a box of Widman's candy.

Here are some other highlights from the park board meeting:

• The first sheet of ice at Crookston Sports Center will be poured Sept. 6. Blue Line Club President Steve Erickson said weekend fall youth hockey tournaments are being lined up throughout September, with a goal of at least six teams per tournament.

• Progress continues to be made on the sale of the plastic floor covering previously purchased for the CSC that's designed to allow events to be held in any of the three rinks when ice exists. The $80,000 covering was used only once and triggered complaints because it was too cold for the event, the BLC's Parent Fun Night. It appears the floor covering will be sold to Becker Arena Products for at least $50,000, with the idea that the proceeds, which initially came from the Protecting the Legacy Fund, will go toward a dehumidification system for the CSC. Speaking on behalf of the Protecting the Legacy fund committee, Mayor Dave Genereux said it's his understanding that dehumidification is an acceptable use of the funds.

• This year's Russell ROCKS Foundation event, set for Sept. 7, will involve a bench dedicated to the memory of Russell Brummond, which will be located along the Sixth Street green space along the Red Lake River, Riopelle said.

• The "Peace Pole" initiative led by the Crookston Rotary Club is being delayed until the spring of 2014, Riopelle said. It's likely the pole, which is being sent from Japan and will likely be surrounded by benches, will be located in the Sixth Street green space, or in Wildflower Park on old Highway 75 near the fire department. The initial plan was to erect the pole this fall.

• The golf simulator in the CSC's Community Room is scheduled to be up and running by late September, Riopelle said, and people will be able to rent it and pay for using it via a new online reservation, scheduling and payment system that Parks & Rec staff are currently being brought up to speed on. UMC Golden Eagle men's golf coach Jason Tangquist and his players will help oversee the simulator once it's up and running, Riopelle said.

• The CSC will be home to an ATM "any day now," Riopelle said.