He'll be officially appointed Aug. 26.

Pat Kelly is slowly and steadily giving new meaning that whole "wearing many hats" thing. As the City of Crookston's Public Works Director, he's in charge of both the Street and Water departments. Earlier this year, with Community Development Director Mike MacDonald phasing into retirement, Kelly agreed to take over management duties related to Crookston's flood control system. With the search for a new, licensed wastewater operator proceeding in frustratingly slow fashion, Kelly, the only person on staff licensed to operate the necessary equipment, is handling those duties as well.

Oh, and, on the heels of the city council's termination last week of Tony Chladek as city administrator, Kelly, as the most experienced employee on the city staff and considered second in command, is now serving as interim administrator.

That won't become official until the council considers a resolution Aug. 26 that appoints Kelly to interim administrator. But at a special council meeting Monday evening and subsequent council Ways & Means Committee meeting afterward, Kelly sat in the administrator's chair and drove much of the discussion on a variety of topics, most of them budget-related.

Asked between the two meetings if he's interested in potentially removing the interim tag, Kelly said matter-of-factly that he will not be applying for the administrator job.