He's sentenced to 12 months, which is how long he's been incarcerated since arrest.

    John Shane Bodell of Warren, Minn. has been in Ninth District Court on three charges of possession of methamphetamine and precursors with intent to manufacture, possession of a pistol/assault weapon and fourth degree DWI. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail and 10 years probation, with credit for time served. Bodell has already been incarcerated for 12 months so he is counted to have his sentence complete.

    He is required to attend and complete a residential in-patient treatment program, whether it be the Minnesota adult/teen challenge program or any other approved by the court. The MN adult/teen program starts in Minneapolis and ends in Brainerd. Bodell is also to use no alcohol or drugs, not enter any bars,  and not possess any drug paraphernalia or precursors. He is not to possess a firearm for the rest of his life and is subject to random searches. Bodell may not vote and will be required to submit a DNA sample.

    Back in May 2012, according to the complaint, Susan Lynn Boman and Thomas Lee Boman, each of Warren, were stopped by the East Grand Forks Police Department after purchasing Sudafed at a local pharmacy. They had purchased it from various locations throughout Grand Forks and East Grand Forks over the past few months and provided them to Bodell, the complaint states.

    Bodell then "cooked" or manufactured it along with the other ingredients in methamphetamine and traded the Bomans either cash or drugs for the medication.

    Another accomplice, Richard Lee Kobetsky, also bought Sudafed in multiple locations and traded meth with Bodell, according to the complaint.  

           Bodell admitted to smoking $200 worth of meth each week himself as well as trading Sudafed for it.