The Crookston Daily Time's newsroom weighs in on what they'd like to see in the world and community in their top five things for the week.

Positive steps taken toward finding a new administrator
So it must be time for Plan B, huh? And Plan B commences Monday evening when the Crookston City Council sits down at a special meeting to figure out the next steps that will eventually lead toward the hiring of a new city administrator, to replace Tony Chladek, whom the council dismissed a week ago. Will Public Works Director Pat Kelly becoming the interim administrator? Will someone with leadership and financial experience in the community step in, like someone who’s retired? How will they conduct the search this time around? On their own, or with a consultant, like the last time around? A lot of important questions need to be answered tonight if the council hopes to have someone on board by January.

Here’s one Ox Cart Days suggestion
Ox Cart Days has come and gone another year. It was a great time for all and we're lucky to have such a fun series of events in Crookston. Just one thing that could change for the future. It would be nice to see the food vendors outside the fenced area. There are some people who can't make it to most of the functions due to work or other things. Why not allow them to at least eat something different without buying a wristband? The vendors could also catch people on their way in or out of the events, which is usually the prime time for someone to get hungry.  One thing that doesn't need to change are the variety of events and their time length. It is awesome to have so many different things to watch and the smaller happenings switching out after 15 or 20 minutes seems to work for everyone. Shorter events like the pizza eating contest and strong man competition are still relatively new, but they did draw a big crowd. Watching the community come together in participation and sponsorship has taught us all how great a small town can be. We can only hope that next year's Ox Cart Days will be as successful as this year.

Take the time to just might learn something
There are millions of people, advertisements and organizations that work constantly to sway the opinions of the masses, whether it's for a newly proposed bill or law, an educational reform or a church. While it's true that they are trying to "help" the general public better reform their opinion to "what's right," it can be foggy and hard to see what's really "right" and what's really "wrong." It's a fantastic thing to be a part of an organization that does this. It's great that you have a clearly defined opinion on something and are comfortable enough to want to share it. It's not okay, however, to not take the time to listen to the other side of the story or put somebody down for their beliefs. Wouldn't it be absolutely brilliant if, when met with disagreements, people learned to accept it and move on? You can't change everyone; the only person you can work on personally is yourself, and once you learn to accept yourself, you can learn to accept others. We're all trying to muddle through the grey area and figure out our opinions, viewpoints and the crazy things that life throws us-- take time to listen to different points of view, and you may just learn a thing or two about yourself and what you believe in. – Torrie Greer, intern

A look back on what went well over festival weekend
As those who had a major hand in planning and carrying out the 2013 Ox Cart Days festival sit down to evaluate the events of this year’s recently finished festival, they will have much to be happy about. The downtown location for many of the events made it impossible for passers-by not to notice there was something going on in this town, and there was more signage in the past alerting those coming through that there was a festival taking place. In Central Park, the Classic Cruisers got to stretch their legs a bit with their Run to the Park, and traditions like the Thursday kid tractor pull, the Bed Races and the parade continue to bring out large sums of people. Here’s a pat on the back for a job well done to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.

Good luck, Pirates, as you kick off the fall sports season
The Crookston Pirate girls' tennis team kicks off the fall sports season Wednesday in Roseau in a dual with the Rams. On Saturday, the girls' soccer team hosts St. John's Prep at 9 a.m. and the boys' team hosts Fergus Falls at noon. Girls' tennis hosts the Pirate Booster Invitational, while the volleyball and football teams will go on the road to participate in scrimmages on Saturday. And next Monday girls' swimming opens its season at Detroit Lakes. The Pirate rosters are lined with great athletes and it will be a great fall season and, at this point, everyone is at the .500 mark with high hopes for the year. The winter sports season is stuffed indoors and the spring season is always plagued by bad weather. There is nothing like throwing on a sweatshirt and heading out to a Pirate football, soccer or tennis match. We wish the very best to all the Pirate athletes as they begin the fall season.